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You’re a motovlogger ( or have an motorcycle related channel ) with less than 3000 subscribers and would like to get your channel featured in one my Daily Observations in Paradise?

Send me a 1-2 min high resolution clip/trailer of your channel, the requirements are:

- should be in 1080p with 30fps ( better 60fps ) anything else will be re-rendered to my needs and there might be quality loss!
- render your clips in a bit rate no less than 8-10bit (max 35bit)
- no copyright music or other material
- beep out any foul language if you do need to rage wink emoticon
- tell me a bit about yourself in a very very short introduction text ( this will be posted on the YT description later as well )
- feel free to watermark your clip
- i accept only clips send to me via dropbox or similar, i will not download them from Youtube
- send me your entry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ONLY, entries send via social media might get lost in the chaos

I can’t guarantee that and when your clip will be used, I always will see how it fits into the particular observations.

I obviously will give priority to channels who have supported me in the past, but everyone is welcome… no exceptions !

PLEASE DO NOT expect an major impact from this, my channel is way to small, but we're all here for the fun !


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